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e law of the HKSAR

, in accordance

r to refer to the ordinance in social unrest in Hong

with Article 1

Kong, which is▓ written into the Basic Law, Leung said, callin

60 of the Basic

g on the HKSAR government to appeal against the ruli

Law of the HKSAR

ng.Gu Minkang, ▓former deputy dean of the law school of City University o

.The chief exe

f Hong Kong, said the decision of the High Court was unconvincing amid the current grave situation in which public safety is in peril.Gu also called on the HKSAR ▓government to appeal to a higher court for▓ correction and said that the NPC Sta▓nding Committee could actually make legal interpretat

cutive has the obl

Orange Juice

ion even before th▓e self-correction of Hong Kong judiciary.Ma Yan-kwok, barrister and chairman of the Hong Kong Legal Exchange Foundation, said the ruling only paid attention to the need of a small number of demonstrators but ignored the rights of the public to live a normal life free f▓r

om masked rioters.Hong Kong should put more emp▓hasis on stopping violence and restoring order, Ma said.Solicitor Wong Ying-ho said the ruling a▓ctually cheered on the ri

oters. He suggested the authorit▓ies set up special court to accelerate ▓the handling of cases related to violent incidents. Pl

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